EMMY® Award Winner
For Best Documentary


Winner of Montana CINE International Film Festival “Global Award” and “Merit for Scientific Information & Cinematography”

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"The human venture depends absolutely on the quality of awe and reverence and joy in the Earth and all that lives and grows upon the Earth."

-Thomas Berry
The Great Work

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Ian Salvage: Cinematographer

British Director of Photography Ian Salvage has expertly lensed some of the most intriguing documentary and dramatic narrative stories from around the world.

From a BBC nature special on threatened elephants, to illuminating the visuals for Sir David Attenborough’s documentary Charles Darwin – The Tree of Life, and filming a drama on the life of Isaac Newton, Salvage captures the unique beauty and action of every story and location.

Just a few of his extensive credits include: Modern Master-Matisse; Gustav Mahler-Keeping Score; Beautiful Mind-Tim Hunt; Museum of Life; and Francis Drake.

For further information: www.iansalvage.com