The majority of screenings are organized and hosted by the general public.
The film makers will not be present at the screenings unless specifically noted.

Public Performance Rights / Licensing Fees:

Public Libraries / K-12: $99
Universities & Organizations.: $199
1-year Digital Site License: $350
3-year Digital Site License: $450
5-year Digital Site License: $550

Alternative Purchase Option:

As an alternative to the Standard Licensing Fee, you can elect to order a minimum of 20 copies of the Journey film that you seek to show publicly. Copies will be made available to you at a wholesale price and the exhibition license will be granted. This option permits you to either resell the units in an effort to recoup the cost of the license or use the copies as perks to those attending your event.

For further information, or to secure your exhibition license, contact Dan Gurlitz:


Film Screenings: Claremont, CA (June 4-7, 2015)

“Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization”
Uniting the Tenth International Whitehead Conference and Ninth International Conference on Ecological Civilization
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
Thursday, June 4 - 4pm
Friday, June 5 – 2pm
Saturday, June 6 – 2pm
In addition to these screenings, there will be a conference track focused on
Journey of the Universe and Inclusive History as A Context of Meaning”
Event page

Film Screening: Burlington, Ontario (November 4, 2015)

Burlington Central Library
2331 New St.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Admission is free but organizers will accept $5 donations to support event costs.
This event is part of the BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association 2015 Eco-film Festival.