Downloadable Press Kit

Press Kit Downloads Folders:

  • Main Documents
  • Photos
  • Production Stills
  • High Resolution Film Exports - 1
  • High Resolution Film Exports - 2
  • High Resolution film Exports - 3
  • Cosmos Screenshots

Individual Files:

Press Release: Emmy® Award-winning Film, Book, & Educational Series
(Word / PDF)

Press Release: PBS Broadcast
(Word / PDF)

Press Release: Book
(Word / PDF)

Press Release: Educational Series
(Word / PDF)

(Word / PDF)

Buy Flyer

Short Synopsis of Film, Book, and Educational Series
(Word / PDF)

Full Synopsis of Film
(Word / PDF)

Principal Bios
(Word / PDF)

Writers' Statement
(Word / PDF)

What the Critics are Saying
(Word / PDF)

Film Cover

Book Cover

Conversations Cover