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Journey of the Universe Film Crew

Gratitude for Thomas Berry
(1914 – 2009)

Executive Producers
Mary Evelyn Tucker
John Grim

Brian Thomas Swimme

Produced and Directed by
Patsy Northcutt
David Kennard

Written by
Brian Thomas Swimme
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Catherine Lynn Butler

Director of Photography
Ian Salvage

Music by
Christopher Ward

Edited By
Patsy Northcutt

Creative Development
David Kennard
Neal Rogin

Special Advisors
Thomas Berry
John Grim

Special Consultant
Craig Kochel

Lead Archival Researcher
Michelle Grenier

Location Producer
Elizabeth Kennard

Project Coordinator
Tara Trapani

Sound Recordist
Rhys Summers

Second Unit Director
Simon Muriel

Location Coordinators
Vange and Kirk Agadaki

Location Scout
Joanna Theodorakis

Additional Archival Research
Rivkah Beth Medow
Christine Funk
Thomas Swimme

Additional Editing
Emma Cott

Post-Production Supervisor
Benjamin DePauw
Ursa Minor Arts + Media

Pythagoras Animation
Almer Perez

Early Scientists Animation
Greg O'Toole
James Curtis

Title Design
Mark Woloschuk

Assistant Editor
Henry Huang

Online Editor
Jesse Spencer

Additional Online Editing
Adam Loften

Post-Production Assistants
Joelle Jaffe
Amanda Huelse

HD Upconversion and Mastering
Video Arts

Color Finishing
Gary Coates

Sound Edit and Mix
Philip Perkins

Score Mixer
Ted Blaisdell

Temp Sound Mix
Robin Livingston

Voice Over Recordists
Robin Livingston
Henry Huang
Eric Blum

Live Greek Music

Pre-Production Music Development
Gary MalkinDan Alvarez

Temp Music Supervisor
Roberta Donnay

Music Researcher
Michelle Grenier

Timecode Calculator Programmer
Jørgen Vos

Financial Managers
Bruce Bochte
John Grim

Legal Advisor
Kirk T. Schroder

Distribution Coordinators
Catherine Lynn Butler
Sue Espinosa

2011 Website Designer
Daniel Vincent Boyles

2018 Website Designers
Miek Thompson
Sarah Jondreau
Devin Michael O'Dea

Website Managers
Elizabeth McAnally
Devin Michael O'Dea

Print Graphic Design
James Curtis
Sharon Anderson

Strategic Advisor
Brooks Britt

CaraMar Publicity

Archival Footage
Adam Loften
The Art Archive
ART Resource / Erich Lessing
Calvin J. Hamilton
Corbis Images
C.R. Scotese / Breakup of Pangea Animation by C.R. Scotese /
Doug Jensen
Don McConnell
ESA / Hubble
European Space Agency / ESA
Footage Search
Getty Images
Green Stock Media
Habitat Media
Henry Jun Wah Lee
iStock Photo
Jialiang Gao
Joe Menth
Jorge Cosío / Tango Dancing Footage
Mammoth HD
Marty Ostrow
Matthew Bate / University of Exeter, UK
The News Market
Oxford Scientific
The Pachamama Alliance
Photo Researchers / Science Source
Thought Equity Motion
Time Image
Vinod Arora

Very Special Thanks
Denise Santi Swimme

Nancy Klavans
Diana Blank
Susan O'Connor
Martin and Wendy Kaplan
Diane Ives
Adam Lewis
David Orr
Richard Rathbun
Nancy Schaub
Peter Teague
Barbara Sargent
Barbara Cushing
Lavinia Currier
Bokara Legendre
Edith Eddy

Special Thanks

Anthemis Tours
Samos Museum
Department of Antiquities, Athens
Karlovassi Folkloric Dance Group
California Institute for Integral Studies
American Teilhard Association
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental StudiesElizabeth Allison
Bryan Alvarez
Carl Anthony
Steve Balick
Jim Beckett
Margaret Berry
Jean Black
Jane Blewett & Lou Niznik
Jenny Boris
Margaret Brennan
Derek Briggs
Brian Brown & Amarilys Cortijo
Rick & Shakti Butler
Tom Caudle
Christopher Chapple
Rick Clugston
Jim Conlon
Sir Peter Crane
Anne Marie Dalton
John de Graaf
Terry Deacon
Kathleen Deignan
Drew Dellinger
Kathleen Duffy
Steve Dunn
Heather Eaton
Larry and Jean Edwards
Arthur Fabel
Matthew Fox
Misty West Gay
Tara and Terri Glass
Ursula Goodenough
David Haberman
Karen Harwell
Harriet Hope
Fritz and Vivienne Hull
Jim Iacona
Brian Joyce
Sean Kelly
Cheryl King
Jean and Sidney Lanier
Chris Loughlin
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Sarah Low
Paul Lundahl
Miriam MacGillis
Susannah Malarkey
Konda Mason
Robert and Ellen McDermott
Kathleen Dean Moore
Jennifer Morgan
Muse Media Center
Richard Norgaard
Caleb Northcutt
Mike Northcutt
Sally Northcutt
Sherwin Nuland
Marty Ostrow
Greg O'Toole
A.R. Palmer
Paloma Pavel
The Payne / Smathers Family
Carol Pollard
Laurance S. Rockefeller
Steven Rockefeller
Suzanne Romaine
Belvie Rooks
Sisters of Earth
Bill, Catherine, and Cynthia Sleight
Ann Berry Somers
Donald St. John
Mary Southard
James Gustave Speth
Joseph Subbiondo
John Surette
Shana Swanson
Brian Sebastian Swimme
Richard Tarnas
Tu Weiming
Anne Tucker
Carlton Hayes Tucker
Duane Tucker
Jonathan Tucker
Libby Tucker
Paul Hayes Tucker
Peter Tucker
Franklin Vilas
Tom Vogt
Kimie and Tatsuhiko Watanabe
Jeannette and Gary Watts
Caroline Webb
Jordan Weill
Eric Weiss
Brook Wentz
Judie Wexler
Paul Winter
Nancy Wright

Many other wonderful people who
assisted us along the way.

Filmed on location on the Greek Island of Samos

Dedicated to
Wayne and Jeanne Swimme
Bill and Mary Elizabeth Tucker
Northcutt Productions
InCA Productions
KQED San Francisco
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

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