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What critics are saying about Journey of the Universe

What the Critics Are Saying About Journey of the Universe

“The dialogue between the findings of science and ancient wisdom is at the heart of “Journey of the Universe”…

Express Milwaukee.com

“Journey of the Universe is the story of knowledge unfolding, and Brian Swimme is the storyteller who captured me from the opening line.”

Beyond Media Online  – overall rating 9 out of 10

“…I was engrossed in the film and I have seen others before that do not rise to the work that Swimme has put in to his documentary. I found this film to be very educational in a very inviting way that intrigues and compels to the very end.”

Aced Magazine – Journey of the Universe

“The one-of-a-kind film was created by renowned scientists, scholars and award-winning filmmakers led by co-writers evolutionary philosopher, Brian Thomas Swimme and Yale historian of religions, Mary Evelyn Tucker.”

Gone with the Twins – Review for Journey of the Universe

"Journey of the Universe" is designed to inspire a new understanding and closer relationship with Earth in a period of growing environmental and social crisis.”

Film Crave

Journey of the Universe in many ways resembles Sagan's venerable undertaking, being even more ambitious in attempting to present the entire history of existence into a single hour.”

Anthropology Review Database

“Journey of the Universe is an epic documentary…”

DVD Extra -My San Antonio Express-News Blog

“Ambitious documentary…with beautiful cinematography”

Deseret News - Review for Journey of the Universe

“…very similar in presentation to an episode of “Cosmos”…the amount of ground it covers in less than an hour is astonishing.”

DVD Talk  – 4 out of 5 star review

Swimme is engaging… It is amazing how he squeezes so many concepts into what feels like a leisurely journey.”

A Site Called Fred

“Our 14 billion-year-old universe is expanding and so is our mind after viewing “Journey of the Universe,” which puts deep thoughts in easily understandable terms.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Journey of the Universe is the rare documentary for which the host gets credit for my recommendation…. Swimme’s enthusiasm drew me in. It not only kept me entertained but made me want to learn more.”

DVD Verdict

“This is an interesting documentary that gives an overview of this amazing journey…”

Wry Heat/Tucson Citizen blog –  Review for Journey of the Universe

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