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  • Scientists
  • Environmentalists
  • Indigenous Leaders
  • Activists
  • Teachers
  • Artists

Hosted by Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University

1. Beginning of the Universe

Joel Primack, Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz

How did our universe emerge? Did it expand? And where did stars and galaxies come from? What is "cold dark matter” and “dark energy”?

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2. Galaxies Forming

Todd Duncan, Ph.D, Astrophysics, University of Chicago
Joel Primack, Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz

How did galaxies form? What are the shapes of these galaxies? How did the Milky Way emerge?

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3. The Emanating Brilliance of Stars

Joel Primack, Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz
Todd Duncan, Ph.D, Astrophysics, University of Chicago

What are stars? How are they birthed? How do they die? And what is a supernova explosion? How does this explosion give rise to the elements that form life itself?

The Emanating Brilliance of StarsStream PodcastWatch Video
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4. Birth of the Solar System

Craig Kochel, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Bucknell University

How did our solar system come about? How did the Moon originate? What is the creative role of plate tectonics? How does geology impact Earth’s biology?

Birth of the Solar SystemStream PodcastWatch Video
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5. Life's Emergence

Ursula Goodenough, Emerita Professor of Biology, Washington University, St. Louis
Terrence Deacon, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

How did the first cells emerge? What characterizes them? How do we explain the patterning found in DNA and in multicellular organisms?

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6. Learning, Living, and Dying

Terrence Deacon, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

How did the brain evolve over time from single cell organisms to vertebrates? What is consciousness and responsiveness? How can we compare the adaptive brains of humans, chimpanzees, and our many evolutionary ancestors?

Learning, Living, and DyingStream PodcastWatch Video
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7. The Passion of Animals

Scott Sampson, President, Science World, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Discover the compelling story of Earth’s fossil record. What were the ecosystems of dinosaurs? How did humans co-evolve with other species? What are mass extinctions?

The Passion of AnimalsStream PodcastWatch Video
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8. The Origin of the Human

John Grim, Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar, Yale University
Melissa Nelson, President, The Cultural Conservancy; Professor, San Francisco State University

John and Melissa explore the history of early humans in relation to kinship with land and animals. Contemporary Indigenous lifeways are also highlighted, especially the sustaining power of rituals that locate humans within the rhythms of Earth’s transformative systems.

The Origin of the HumanStream PodcastWatch Video
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9. Becoming a Planetary Presence

Cynthia Brown, Emerita Professor of History, Dominican University of California

Cynthia describes the “big history” beyond simply human history that includes cosmic, Earth, and human evolution. She highlights eight key threshold moments of evolutionary change from universe emergence and solar systems to life forms, including humans.

Becoming a Planetary PresenceStream PodcastWatch Video
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10. Conversation Series Transition

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mary Evelyn introduces a collection of creative thinkers who are drawing upon the story of the universe to re-envision and create mutually enhancing human-Earth relations.

Conversation Series TransitionStream PodcastWatch Video
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Additional Information

The featured conversations on this page are from the Journey of the Universe Conversation Series, formerly titled "Educational DVD Series" The twenty-part series is available for purchase in a 4-DVD set.

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