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What the Critics Are Saying About Conversations

“… the same producers have a new series called ‘Journey of the Universe: Conversations,’ which presents interviews hosted by Mary Evelyn Tucker, an historian of religions, talking with some of the greatest minds of our time — scientists, historians and environmentalists…”

- Universe Today review and promotional giveaway
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“He (Brian Swimme) provides a lot of fascinating information in a relatively short time and “Conversations” extends the discussion with Yale professor Mary Evelyn Tucker interviewing other scientists in a more formal setting….”

- Movie City News
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“The series contains interviews and conversations with some of the greatest minds of our time.”

Aced Magazine – Journey of the Universe: Conversations
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"…Journey of the Universe: Conversations is more likely to appeal to Cosmos aficionados and Sagan devotees, and it mostly succeeds in providing an overview of the state of our knowledge of the universe in the early 21st century."

Pop Matters
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“Journey of the Universe: Conversations offers a holistic argument that incorporates science and spirituality, serving up many awe-inspiring moments that deal with the miraculous circumstances that have allowed our world to exist and thrive at all.”

Video Librarian
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“Tucker, inspired by the works of historian Thomas Berry, engages in one-on-one interviews with scientists, historians and environmentalists in exploring the unfolding story of the universe and mankind’s work to respond to present global challenges.”

AndyFilm.com - The Aisle Seat
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“The Emmy Award-winning documentary “Journey of the Universe” is being released along with a 10-hour companion series about the origins of the Earth, the cosmos and how we human beings may fit into the whole shebang. Food for thought.”

Mansfield News Journal

"Truly Out Of This World… I would hope that schools will show this as it is so accessible for teens and high-school children along with adults…A+"

Best Movies Ever Entertainment News

Journey Of the Universe: Conversations allows viewers to get a deeper understanding… the guest speakers are very informative and don’t try to lose the casually interested in their explanations…. that will give a further understanding of Tucker and Swimme’s unifying of so many big questions.”

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“While the videos are no substitute for people who have access to college resources, Journey of the Universe: Conversations could be a great starting point for anyone who wants to know what science has to say about the origins of the cosmos.”

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