Where Have we come from? Where are we going?


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With gratitude for support from
Germeshausen Foundation
Kendeda Sustainability Fund

Executive Producer and Host
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Creative Development
Brian Thomas Swimme

Produced, Directed, and Edited

Adam Loften
Patsy Northcutt

Project Coordinator
Tara Trapani

Curriculum Development
Matthew Riley

Motion and Graphic Design
James Curtis

DVD Authoring
Henry Huang

Consulting Producer
Catherine Lynn Butler

Website Manager
Elizabeth McAnally

Directors of Photography
Jim Iacona
Adam Loften

2nd Camera Operators
John Behrens & Rick Butler

Location Sound
Lauretta Molitar

Eric Blum
Joseph Scott

Assembly Editor
Joelle Jaffe

Production Assistant
Caleb Northcutt

Music by
Christopher Ward
Journey of the Universe Film Score

Additional Music by
Elias Koch

Michelle Grenier
Susan Siegmann

Production Sound Stage
Stephen and Samantha Suda
Bay View Studios

Ian Randolf

DVD Testing
Anne-Marie Ross

Produced by
Northcutt Productions

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