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By Tom Krattenmaker

Life and Why It Must Continue

August 27, 2019

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By Tom Krattenmaker  
The Humanist
August 27, 2019

AS YOU LIE UNDER A SPRAWLING OAK, admiring the play of sun and shade, it’s easy to fall for the illusion that all is well with the beautiful earth. But your reverie is shattered. The thought hits you, like a cold slap, that your young grandchildren, and multitudes of other people’s children and grandchildren, might not be able to enjoy this kind of pastoral delight when they’re fifty-eight years old like you.

You shudder as you picture the world they might inherit (if they or anyone can survive long enough to inherit it). A scorched planet, massive death and dislocation, social breakdown on an unprecedented global scale, possibly even human extinction—such are the not-implausible scenarios for what climate degradation might do to the world in the coming decades if society remains unwilling and unable to confront it.

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Life and Why It Must Continue

August 27, 2019
By Tom Krattenmaker

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