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Voices on a Walk Through Time

November 2, 2020

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Pictures, Poems and Prose by F. Nelson Stover

The poems and monographs included in this collection were written over a period of three decades. They represent poetic ways to allow the animals, stones, particles and plants to tell their stories. Together these pieces weave a tapestry of the billions of years of creativity that have pervaded and enlivened Planet Earth.

These poems are written in the spirit of Thomas Berry, a Greensboro native and global citizen, who taught others how to listen to the story of the Universe as a whole and to each particle and creature in particular.“The Universe,” Thomas said, “is the text without a context”. In each poem, parts of the whole tell their own story, express their own hopes and fears and illumine for the listener, in their own way, a glimpse of how the past unfolds into the future through each specific place in space and point in time.

In presenting these pieces, the author hopes that others, too, will hear the myriads of voices that ring out with stories of beauty, awe and wonder. The initial attempts, herein, to give humble expression to the perspectives of the inexpressible, are also intended to inspire others with the courage to put into word, art and song the still small voices which often go unheeded.People are encouraged to share this publication and to refer to it in other documents. Kindly include the footers in all copies, and please reference the source of this information when quoting from this in other documents.

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Voices on a Walk Through Time

November 2, 2020

Pictures, Poems and Prose by F. Nelson Stover in the Spirit of Thomas Berry

Voices on a Walk Through Time PDF

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