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Where have we come from?  Where are we going?


People in these podcasts are living in the "new story"

Who are they?

  • Scientists
  • Environmentalists
  • Indigenous Leaders
  • Activists
  • Teachers
  • Artists

Hosted by Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University

11. Breakthrough Communities

Carl Anthony, Co-founder, Breakthrough Communities Project, Oakland, CA

Carl tells how the universe story expanded his own understanding of social and environmental justice. With a focus on urban areas, he explains how sustainable community development can be enhanced within an inclusive universe story.

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12. Eco Cities

Richard Register, Founder, Ecocity Builders, Berkeley, CA

Richard emphasizes the importance of organic and whole-city perspectives for creating liveable cities. He highlights the imaginative ways in which cities are being rethought and rebuilt around the planet for a flourishing future.

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13. Ecological Economics

Richard Norgaard, Emeritus Professor of Ecological Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Dick surveys the history of economics and the mistaken assumptions of current ecological principles and practices, such as unrestrained growth. In place of our ecologically destructive practices, he endorses an ecological economics that emphasizes care, co-evoluion, and protection of the environment.

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14. Permaculture

Penny Livingston, Regenerative Design Institute, Commonweal, Bolinas, CA

Penny leads viewers through the history and significance of permaculture. She discusses permaculture as an agricultural practice that increases biodiversity and helps us to understand our place in the story of the universe.

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15. Indigenous Ways of Knowing

David Begay, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University
Nancy Maryboy, President and Founder of the Indigenous Education Institute

David and Nancy invite us to understand Navajo ways of knowing. They describe a worldview that is place-based, emphasizes kinship and connection, and intimately orients the human within an interrelated and unified cosmos.

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16. Sustainable Energy

Paula Gonzalez, SC, Emerita Professor, Biology, College of Mt St Joseph, Cincinnati; Founder, EarthConnection Center

Paula Gonzalez narrates the efforts of Catholic sisters to harness solar power and other natural systems as a means of protecting the Earth community and participating in the story of the universe.

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17. Healing and Revisioning

Belvie Rooks, Co-founder, Growing a Global Heart

Belvie describes how teaching the story of the universe has empowered African American youth to contextualize slavery, envision healing and reconciliation, and imagine a better future through a broader sense of self and place.

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18. Arts and Justice

Marya Grathwohl, Writer and Founder, Earth Hope, Wyoming
Drew Dellinger, Poet and Founder, Planetize the Movement

Marya Grathwohl and Drew Dellinger explore poetry and activism, along with the study of ecology and ritual as shared visions of creative transformation that are inspired by the journey of the universe.

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19. Myths, Metaphors, and Identities

Nancy Abrams, co-author with Joel Primack, View from the Center of the Universe
Sachiko Kawaura, Department of Psychology and Human Relations, Nanzan University, Japan

Nancy and Sachiko highlight the role of myth, metaphor, and art in broadening and deepening our understanding of human identity within a cosmological context.

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20. Teaching Journey of the Universe

Tom Collins, teacher, Religion and Philosophy, Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ
Bindhu Mohanty, writer and teacher, Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India

Tom and Bindu describe how learning the universe story has allowed high school and college students to experience an expanded sense of self and to transform despair into a sense of hope and empowerment.

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Additional Information

The featured conversations on this page are from the Journey of the Universe Conversation Series, formerly titled "Educational DVD Series" The twenty-part series is available for purchase in a 4-DVD set.

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